Why Responsible Charity?

I came across Responsible Charity on a random search on the internet. I called and was very well spoken to by the voice on the other side. They were clear focussed and brief. Soon in a small way I started participating in their pursuits. My regard for their work and it's consistency kept increasing day by day. They still surprise me with their dedication and delivery. Their young energetic team is superb, always smilling and shinning.

- Meeta Bengani Sethia, RC Supporter

Why Clothes For Help?

My mother has always maintained a tradition of giving. We have always donated clothes to charities, but clothesforhelp.org always appeared to be sincere in working towards its goals. I think that is what makes Responsible Charity so great- it truly tries to be inclusive of all stakeholders in society, and that is what social work is about.

- Sreetama Basu, Clothes for Help donor